Founded in 1997, the company Skycold ten years later became one of the fastest growing companies in the production of heat and refrigeration equipment for the food service. In late 2006, the company merged with the company Porkka Finland, entered the market in 1962. The merger SKYCOLD-PORKKA Group has become a major manufacturer engaged in complex equipment industrial kitchens, food production, kitchens cafes, bars and restaurants of quality commercial and industrial equipment.

The thermal (hot LINE), refrigeration (cold LINE, display LINE, marine) neutral (buffet LINE), climatic, technological and other kitchen equipment was listed in the product portfolio Skycold, without which there is no any modern kitchen, or a line of self-service in the restaurant.

Modular structure and standard housing dimensions in both thermal and refrigeration line, high-quality stainless steel of hardware, easy disassembly of  equipment and the contemporary requirements of European quality standards make Skycold technique indispensable for any kitchen.

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