The Manitowoc Company Inc was founded in 1964 in the United States and today is one of the most influential players in the equipment manufacturing industry for the professional kitchen and bar. In 2008 Manitowoc became a leading American company that produces equipment for the production of ice.

To date, in the factory of Wisconsin the line of ice makers are produced, represented by more than 200 models, the performance of which may vary from 30 to 1536 kg of ice per day. Ice machines from Manitowoc is the equipment for the production of ice of any shape ( cube, cylinder, flake ) that can be used in any companis: from the bar to the supermarket fish department.

Manitowoc advantage lies not only in the range and performance of the equipment, but also in environmentally friendly refrigerants that do not contain ozone-depleting substances. Besides ice machine the company offers its customers an ice storage bins and outdoor ice dispensers.

Innovative technologies and support Manitowoc Ice has won the sympathy of consumers in the U.S., today Maresto Company offers to ukrainian buyer to evaluate the American quality.

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