Bron Coucke

The company Bron Coucke founded in the 50s by Jean Armour invented the grater called "Mandolin". In 1975 the factory was bought by Andre Cook, hence its modern name is composed of the names of the two owners.

Bron Coucke has been operating for more than 50 years, and during that time it has produced a great number of different devices, accelerating processing products, such as cutting, cleaning and stuffing vegetables. Bron Coucke range is quite diverse, it has a wide range of devices: machine for cutting a whole peeled pineapple into smooth slices, instrument for slicing onions, apples, tomatoes and other vegetables. The kit Le Rouet includes five float different blades that allow the chef to chop vegetables in the form of long pasta or very thin ribbons.

The company Bron Coucke also produces equipment for making noodles, tools for cutting cheese, fruit, pulping machine, decorators, slicers for truffles and many other devices.

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