Wiesheu company is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of modern equipment for the baking. The company was founded in 1973 and initially was engaged in selling stoves to butchers, but over time it has greatly expanded its range and led the process of baking bread beyond the normal bakery. Thanks to innovations Wiesheu even small shops can bake their own bread. Special ovens with programmable parameters are easy to use and do not require special skill of the operator.

The company's equipment include several families Wiesheu: Minimat compact convection oven for quick and easy baking, oven Euromat which is of bigger performance and Dibas - Intelligent Systems baking functions with temperature control function, airflow inside the working chamber and self-cleaning function.

Hearth ovens EBO from the manufacturer are easy in use with flexible configuration and energy-efficient operation. The stylish design that perfectly blends into the interior of the store or a cozy cafe is a distinctive feature of equipment Wiesheu.

All equipment Wiesheu is practical and reliable as well as it has ergonomic design due to which the ovens take up minimal space at maximum efficiency. Developers are constantly doing researches and introduce into production the latest technological solutions that ensure the continuous improvement of both the products Wiesheu and their software.

Bakeries and grocery retail stores are the main customers. Also equipment Wiesheu is in demand at butcher shops, gas stations and fast food cafes.

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