The Spanish company Josper during more than 44 years produces absolutely unique equipment - aggregates that combine the functions of a conventional oven and grill. This engineering marvel is the ideal solution for a variety of catering establishments, ranging from small bistro to large restaurants with fine dining.

Oven cooking is carried out at 300-350 º C in a special dish or directly on the grill. The fuel is charcoal. Thanks to this the cooked dishes are especially juicy and tasty, with a pleasant aroma of smoke. The particular advantages of these stoves is the fact that while the cooking of several products the odors do not mix.

In comperison to traditional outdoor grill the Josper ovens are more safety due to the absence of direct fire. Thanks to its design there are such advantages as frugality and high speed of cooking. Compliance with hygiene standards is ensured by the presence of special boxes for ash and grease collecting.

The equipment Josper is stylish, it blends into any decor and is presented in four models designed for establishments with different number of seats (30 to 150).

The company Josper also produces open braziers, a variety of accessories to the stoves, utensils and charcoal of several kinds. The equipment of this company has become very popular in European countries, and is the most widely used in the steakhouses, tapas bars, cafes, bistros, pizzerias and large restaurants.

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