The company Winterhalter, founded in 1947 in Friedrichshafen (Germany), since the first years of its existence has set its sights on conquering the market of dishwashing equipment and accessories not only in Germany but later the European Union and also around the world. Today it is one of the most successful companies known for their innovative solutions in the design of dishwashing equipment, development of detergents and accessories which are of the highest quality.

Winterhalter offers its clients a complex approach to solving the dishwashing problem: organization of working space, a full range of equipment (front, dome, tunnel, belt conveyor dishwashers), detergents and rinse agents, water treatment devices and accessories (baskets, tapes, conveyor belts, etc.).

Several series of dishwashers give the opportunity to use technology of this manufacturer by catering establishments of different capacity as well as by bigger production units such as bakery or meat shops.

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