Frigomat Italian company was founded in 1969 and initially produced machines for the soft ice cream production , but since the seventies of the XX century the company has expanded its portfolio and included a line of equipment for the production of the classic ice cream and pastry mixes.

In the nineties of the last century, the company has developed the concept of "flexible production", the essence of which was to equip the machinery with electronic control systems and flexible settings thanks to which the product during the production does not lose its organoleptic properties any more.

Since 2000, the set of features has significantly expanded that allowed to perform a variety of manufacturing operations with the help of the equipment.

Currently, the manufacturer is considered to be a leader in the equipment producing for the manufacture ice cream and confectionery products of various kinds. Frigomat engaged in a constant search for innovative technologies, constantly improving their technique.

The company's activities include both research and the implementation of new development and maintenance of their products, as well as training specialists in the production of ice cream. Frigomat products are popular all over the world and the highest level of service plays an important role.

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