Zumex company was founded in 1985 and became known for developing a unique lineup of centrifuges for cafes, restaurants and hotels.

In 1988 the first generation of machines of this manufacturer came out. New technology for juice extraction used in these devices immediately aroused the interest of consumers. The new products also are of high-quality and nice design, which also plays an important role in the growth of their popularity.

Currently ZumeX is the leading manufacturer of professional juicers, but the company does not stop and constantly introducing innovative technology the development of which takes into account the wishes of users and development trend of the market segments.

Equipment ZumeX has many quality certifications including NSF, TUV, UL and ISO- 9001 and is used on professional kitchens in more than sixty countries worldwide.

One of the distinguishing features of this manufacturer of juicers is their unconventional design, allowing the client to see the whole process of getting juice. This gives a significant advantage to ZumeX equipment before competitiors, so the consumer can easily see naturalness and high quality of juice.

The process of receiving beverage is fully automated, which eliminates contact of the product with the environment, and therefore it guarantees the purity and safety.

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