Mono Equipment

Mono Equipment Company is one of the leaders in the production and supply of bakery equipment in the UK. The range of products consists of ovens, dough mixers, rounder, gaskets, refrigerators, knives, and other equipment that is necessary for the industrial kitchen.

Mono Equipment Corporation was founded in the middle of the century, and during the work has built a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality technology, which combines the best traditions of British craftsmanship with the latest technological developments.

Mono Equipment supplies specialized equipment that is needed to meet the ever increasing needs of bakeries, foodservice and confectionery. Indisputable advantages of these products are of excellent quality, reliability and reasonable price.

Wide range of products allows Mono Equipment to choose individual items for catering equipment as well as fully equipped professional kitchen. In addition to its core products, the company offers consumers additional products and also ensures the perfect maintenance of product.

Another direction of Mono Equipment is professional kitchen equipment developing as well as selection, delivery and installing of the device. The equipment of British leader in the production of confectionery equipment currently and successfully is winning the Ukrainian market.

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