Imesa is considered to be one of the world leaders in the development and production of equipment for laundries. The Italian company during forty years implements innovative technology in the production of their goods. All products of this manufacturer are certified UNI EN ISO.

A distinctive feature of washers and dryers, as well as rollers and calenders Imesa is that they are equipped with USB-connectors and modern electronic control systems.

So, embedded microprocessors allow you to save in memory a lot of programs and to manage the device much easier. But the real breakthrough equipment can be called the equipment of this company GSM-communication modules that provide continuous communication between the machine and the customer service producer. This allows professionals to monitor Imesa possible faults in the operation of machines and fix them quickly.

The support of the business organization for laundries is another important advantage of this company. Assistance includes preparation of a business plan and individual selection of equipment most suited to the needs of a particular establishment.

All equipment Imesa provide excellent quality, safety and durability in operation. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for two years on all their products.

Thousands laundries, tourist organizations and catering, cleaning companies, as well as medical and sports facilities use products corporation Imesa, which is now available on the Ukrainian market.

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