The Italian company Lavezzini, founded in 1983, offers customers a wide range of packaging equipment for cooking, food industry and trade sector. The success of this producer on the Italian and international markets is explained by the introduction of innovations thanks to which the technology of production and application of vacuum packaging reached a qualitatively new level.

Advanced technology Lavezzini was appreciated by consumers and become widespread. Wide range of products Lavezzini can satisfy different market sectors.

With the help of these revolutionary machines products vacuum packing of different types, in particular, liquid, granular (tea, coffee, cereals, nuts) and solid (dumplings, cheese, vegetables, meat and fish products) can be performed.

For companies with a limited range of products special packaging machines model of economy class are developed. Technical modernization of production and large investments provide the significant impact on the maintenance of the worldwide popularity of Lavezzini.

One of the latest and most sought-after new products of the company is a line of vacuum packaging machines "LCD DIGIT". This series includes thirty different models of high performance. All machines are reliable and energy efficient, which are implemented in a modern, stylish and ergonomic design.

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