Sibread is an Italian brand that deals with production of equipment for bakeries during more than three decades. The company is a full-fledged competitor on the international market of professional equipment for the kitchen. It produces a relatively narrow range of products, so that the development, testing and introduction of each model are made with utmost care and maximum attention from specialists. The product range Sibread includes manual, semiautomatic and automatic slicers, apparatus for grinding crackers.

Bread cutting machines from Sibread are professional equipment of premium class. They are easy of use, reliable and are able to operate with the limit load for a long time. This is especially important for large enterprises.

Fast and efficient functioning of these machines can save working time and energy. The latest methods used in the design of equipment provide absolute safety for the staff. All parts that could be in contact with food during cooking are made of high quality stainless steel. Most models are equipped with containers for breadcrumbs gathering.  

Sibread company constantly updates its production facilities and improves production technology with the aim to fulfill the ever-increasing customer needs. Sibread is a combination of modern technology, years of experience and excellent quality. 

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