ELRO is the company that specializes in the production of thermal luxury equipment. Professional equipment from Elroy is a Swiss quality, service and savings. Using leading technology production equipment for cooking, based on versatility, the manufacturer achieved the increase of hardware utilization up to 70%.

Equipment effectiveness of ELRO is achieved by ...

... ELRO Hight-Speed - high cooking system that reduces cooking time up to 50%;

... Maximum sensitivity internal temperature sensor;

... Programmable autolifts Pastomat / Flitomat, ensure the accurate reproduction of the process of cooking and maintaining stable quality during roasting;

 ... Drain cock that eliminates the possibility of splashing and strait liquid;

 ... Roast bottom ELROlit, thickness of which is 79 mm ensures an even distribution of the operating temperature of the flame surface with an overall reduction in energy consumption.

Thermal equipment ELRO can be used in the kitchens of a company of any size, because it is able to serve from 100 to 80,000 people a day.

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