The Italian company specialized in manufacturing refrigeration equipment DGD began its successful story in 1979. Top quality products, exquisite design and reliability during all these years are the principles the company builds its success on.

DGD specializes
on high-quality industrial and commercial equipment producing: showcases, freezers, cabinets, Freezer cases which are due to the optimum value available to any buyer.

The company offers 16
lines of refrigerated cases, among which the series such as Verona, Etoile, Master, Tenerife, Agora, Europa 21 should be pointed out. This equipment is specifically designed for supermarkets and large retail stores.

In addition, the company DGD  produces freezing tables that can be used for storing various products, as well as a working surface; Refrigerating coaster with lights, designed for display and storage products, refrigerators and freezers for ice cream
bonnets and cabinets for cooling, as well as devices for shock freezing.

European quality in tandem with elegant design conquer
s each buyer. The Company DGD is the company with a good taste!

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