Everest is the leader in the supply and production refrigeration equipment of high quality: refrigerators, showcases, cabinets, freezers, coolers, and minibars.

Among the clients of Everest we can meet such popular world brands as Pepsi, Danon, CarlsBerg and San-Inbew. And this is not the whole list of loyal fans
of the "cold" brand.

Availability and reliability of equipment Everest
was proved not only by a word but a deal. Reliable construction and attractive design - that is typical for the equipment Everest. Refrigerators for bars, cafes and restaurants Everest is very convenient, due to its compact size and high level of performance, they are able to store soft drinks and alcoholic drinks at optimum temperature.

In addition to cold rooms,
among professionals freezers are in great demand.  Everest company offers three main types - chest with straight sliding windows, bulging chest with sliding windows and chest, resembling the aluminum cans. The accessory kit is attached to all three types of refrigeration equipment.

equipment Everest you provide yourself with a reliability for many years.

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