Alto Shaam

Alto Shaam company was founded in 1968 in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. During 44 years the company  specializes in professional thermal food processing equipment for large supermarkets, shops and catering establishments producing.

Thermal showcases and cabinets, smokehouse, camera shock freezing, convection ovens, steam tables are among the equipment produced by the company Alto Shaam.

Its cooking technology was patented as Halo Heat. Its main feature is the uniform distribution of heat, which allows to achieve a consistently high quality of the product while cooking food in low-temperature stoves, or storing it in the thermal cabinets, shelves and display cases.

We should also highlight the quality smokehouses Alto Shaam. These versatile units are designed for both cold and hot meat products, seafood, vegetables, poultry and cheeses smoking. Smokehouses combine the functions of heating cabinet and oven, so that even after the procedure of smoking the cooked product can be left inside the unit and it will not lose its form.

All products of Alto Shaam combine the reliability and ease of use.

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