It is known that the Swedish equipment is famous for its excellent quality and long-term use. Revent is a Swedish manufacturer of bakery equipment.

In production of the equipment Revent company uses a number of advanced proprietary technologies, which are applied only to the original products of this brand. Management system and control system of air TTC (Total Convection Control) mode allows  to adjust the heat during baking. HVS (steaming system) uses steel balls that accumulate and transfer heat for water into steam convention. LID is an insulation system that provides excellent insulation.

The professionals from 120 countries around the globe use Revent ovens in their kitchens! This equipment for delicious pastries cooking are famous for being made of durable and reliable Swedish stainless steel. Liquid fuel stoves and gas ovens Revent are equipped with Bentone burners of Swedish production or Weishaupt burners of German production.

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