JAC company is a well-known manufacturer of bakery equipment, which can be used in small bakeries as well as in large baking industries.

JAC company was founded in 1946. The highest quality and reliability allows to use  this equipment at various bakeries in various countries. Its range is quite wide, so you can always pick up the equipment that will meet your expectations.

Among the equipment which is produced by JAC:

- Hydraulic Dough dividers;
- Automatic Dough dividers-rounders;

- industrial slicers.

All these devices are easy to operate and maintain and have different specifications. For example, bread slicers are of small performance for small kitchens as well as for large enterprises with the ability to cut up to 1,000 loaves per hour. Automatic dough dividers are equipped with user friendly control panel.

With the help of this equipment, you will always be able to please your visitors with delicious bakery.

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