The Italian company Cuppone was founded in 1963. Brothers Paolo and Lorenzo, Luigi Kuppone are the authors of the world famous brand, which specializes in equipment manufacturing for the pizza production - the most favorite Italian dish. At the time, the company made a furor in the field of manufacturing units for cooking flavorful cheese margaritas thanks to the usage of unique technologies of those years.

Almost every year the company Cuppone surprises its customers by introducing more advanced technology for cooking pizza. The press for pizza called PIZZAFORM produced in 1975 was a revolutionary invention as well as the the unit for dividing dough ROTOFORM produced three years later.

Since 1981 Cuppone company started using microprocessors to control the furnace, and in the 90's the company began to specialize on the production of mixers and gas stoves made of stainless steel.

The Coppune equipment evolution is truly impressive. In 2002, the company produced Max ovens, in 2003 - units badged Evolution, and in 2004 - Techno. The name changes, but the quality and performance remain unchanged.

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