The Italian company Steno is engaged in the production of planetary mixers. Founded in 1945, over the years it has always strived to new developments and improvements of functional characteristics of the equipment.

In 2002 Steno opened a new factory that helped to improve and increase production to meet the growing needs of the market.

Planetary mixers allow to knead different kinds of dough (yeast, flaky, protein, etc.) and prepare pastry creams. They have a modern design, are made of stainless steel and easy to use.

The offered models of planetary mixers Steno could be:

- desktop;

- floor;

- with speed control;

- three-speed.

The Control Panel is electromechanical. The equipment includes whisk, bowl, blade and hook. Different specifications will allow you to find the right mixer for your business. The range has models with 6.5 bowl volume and 12 liters, which are suitable for small businesses. For large enterprises the devices with capacity of 40 - 80 liters should be chosen. They are large in size and power, for example, the heaviest mixer weighs 280 kg.

Tech Steno is the most famous Italian quality in your kitchen.

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