Pizza Group

Pizza Group is a company that is engaged in equipment producing for pizza cooking, is deservedly popular throughout the world, as it produces the equipment of high quality, simplicity and reliability.

The company was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of generic catering, but later narrowed the range of interests and has become a recognized leader among the companies involved in the production of equipment for pizzerias. Now technology from Pizza Group is in demand in many European countries, including Ukraine.

The range of equipment Pizza Group can complement pizzeria of any size, an assortment of producer includes:

-presses for pizza designed for pre-cooking of blank pizza and give it the desired shape;

- mixers for kneading dough for pizza, bread, biscuits, cakes and other products made of yeast or a stiff dough. They are equipped with micro switch and mechanical protection of moving parts;

- electric pizza ovens, some models can cook up to 12 - 18 pizzas at the same time. Number of cameras - one or two. Pizza Group is aware of the fact that an authentic pizza can be cooked in an electric oven as well as the quick installation in the workplace is also a huge advantage.

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