The Italian company Vitella deals with the dough divider and the dough divider – rounder development and production for more than 10 years. They are used by enterprises with small and medium capacity. Since the specialization of the company is sufficiently narrow, the equipment can be considered one of the best in this segment. Its function is to separate the dough into small pieces for cooking dumplings, chebureks , biscuits , muffins, etc.

The Vitella equipment is compact and simple, has reliable design and provide high quality division. The equipment labeling is extremely simple (the number in the title refers to the number of test pieces, which can be got in one cycle ), which will help to make the choice of the necessary equipment even a new person in this business. Vitella range consists of manual and automatic models. Dough dividers of this brand are able to make the dough pieces from 12 g to 1 kg.

There are special devices for baguettes and loaves. Due to different ways of dividing the ready-to-cock food could be made of three shapes: square, round and hexagonal. By the method of operation the equipment is divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic. For your convenience, the company also produces devices equipped with margarine presses. 

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