Italian company Alimacchine was founded in 1986. It produces spiral type dough kneading machines designed for small and medium enterprises in the food industry. Compact dough kneaders are indispensable in bakeries and confectionery factories as well as in catering establishments.

Dough kneader's arm of spiral shape accelerates dough kneading process and improves the quality of the cooked product. Spiral mixers Alimacchine have one or two speeds depending on the model. Bowls,
spirals and taps of all the units are made from high quality stainless steel.

Thanks to the years of experience the company developed a set of models of machines that can meet the ever increasing demands of customers. All equipment Alimacchine is highly efficient and reliable. The company produces not only a wide range of ready-made mixers, but also machines for individual orders.

Dough kneaders Alimacchine are produced at two plants. On the first of them the major parts of machines are made, and on the second one the installation is carried out. The production process is fully automated, which ensures high quality of each unit and its relatively low price. Alimacchine company also provides rapid delivery of the equipment to any place in the world.

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