The Italian company Krupps during 40 years is a leader manufacturer of professional dishwashers for the restaurant and hotel business. In 1974 Krupps has already received the award in the field of industry and exports, and since then maintain its positions. In 1987 the company has developed an innovative system of «clean water washing», which became one of the most important research aimed at finding the most effective combination of organic cleaning crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher and environmental process.

A distinctive feature of the company's equipment is consistently high quality, achieved through the use of reliable and durable material and competent implementation of innovations.

Manufacturer's product portfolio Krupps includes dishwashers of front and dome types of different degrees of power.

All equipment has been certified by European Union and gained popularity not only in the EU, but also worldwide.

Dishwashers Krupps are the Italian quality, professionalism and sustainability in the service of your business.

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