Maresto Technological Group started off as a department of professional equipment in one of the largest home appliances and electronics chains in the country.
Trade House «Byttehnika» opened its first store on the 5th of March, 1992.
Few years later «Byttehnika» had grown into a nationwide chain with more than 50 stores all over Ukraine. The brand name became a symbol of comfortable shopping and high quality appliances.
The department of professional equipment had experienced a substantial demand for it's products and in 1999 was allocated into an independent structure.
Using established business ties, experience of professional staff and extensive knowledge in foreign trade, «Maresto» had immediately occupied a niche market of professional appliances for HoReCa.
Over the years of its successful operation, «Maresto» had evolved into the largest importer and nationwide distributor of professional equipment for HoReCa, retail and food production industries. At the moment there are four main channels of distribution: wholesale, turnkey projects, retail and Internet sales. Maresto Technological Group consists of 6 show rooms in major Ukrainian cities, 2 fully equipped demonstration kitchens, 3 conveniently located warehouses, 3 dedicated websites and an AfterSales division with more than 50 technicians. «Maresto» has already supplied and installed equipment for over 2000 turnkey projects, as well as it has more than 200 active dealers and 1300 internet visitors on the daily basis.
Nowadays «Maresto» is a well know brand which is associated with highly professional personnel and the exceptional quality of the equipment supplied.

The team

For 15 years «Maresto» has been successfully operating in the Ukrainian market of professional equipment for bakeries, confectioneries and food production industries, hotel and restaurant businesses, shops and supermarkets.

Over the past years the company has earned a strong reputation and has formed a team of highly qualified professionals. Our staff is the most valuable asset of our company. Our representatives attend all major exhibitions and constantly improve their knowledge by attending various seminars and trainings.

Founded in 1999, “Maresto” has been operating successfully for more than 10 years in the market of equipment for HoReCa, responding to changes and needs of the market.

The market of technological equipment of Ukraine has a huge potential.

Geographical location of Ukraine and post-crisis stabilization of political and economical situation have become a strong basis for the development of tourist industry and general market of HoReCa. Foreign and national investments into hotel and restaurant sector, development of supermarket chains and bakeries make the market of technological equipment of Ukraine one of the most promising in Eastern Europe.

Though the Ukrainian market is not currently oversaturated, the competition among the suppliers of the equipment is getting stronger.

A customer chooses suppliers carefully and cooperates only with reliable partners, who have a good reputation. The main criterion of a choice is good value for money for the goods, certification and warranty for the equipment, support services and flexible logistical system.

Over the years “Maresto” has earned a reputation as a stable partner and has formed a professional team.

Mutually profitable cooperation with the foreign suppliers of the equipment and individual approach to the customers allowed “Maresto” to become the biggest national operator in the market of the technological equipment of Ukraine.


As an official and in many cases exclusive distributor of several dozens of brands in Ukraine, «Maresto» offers its customers more than 10,000 items of equipment.

Company's product portfolio consists of products from leading European, Russian and domestic brands. «Maresto» is the exclusive distributor of some of the largest manufacturers of professional equipment like Revent, Berto's, Real Forni, Piron, DGD, Alimacchine, Quamar, Conti, LP Group, Sibread, Lavezzini and others. Our company has developed strong ties with such companies as Angelo Po, Rational, Unox, Manitowoc, Brema, ISA, Skycold, Fimar, Robot Coupe, Everest, RGV, Bron Coucke, Vema, Hamilton Beach, Bongard, Jac, Cuppone, Mastro, Steno, Pizza Group, Vitella and many other widely known companies in this sector.

“Maresto” is a national wide company, which has its own subsidiaries and dealers all over Ukraine.

Subsidiaries of “Maresto” are situated in the most potential regions of Ukraine.

The main office of the company is situated in Kyiv, the capital of the country as well as the center of business life, where the central offices of the biggest restaurant and supermarket chains are situated.

Five subsidiaries of the company are located in the investment-attractive regions with high population density and favorable geographic location with relations to tourism sector development and investment attraction.

“Maresto” is longing to give the customers access to the high-quality equipment in all regions of Ukraine, that’s why the dealers’ network of the company comprises the whole country and has over 150 partners.

Developing the network of subsidiaries and of extra service, “Maresto” estimates not only the regions’ potential. Warehouses are concentrated in the main transport hubs and the logistic approach has been employed while planning the service centers location. Due to balanced decisions the supplying of the equipment, service and spare assembling are done within minor terms and with minimum loss.

Constant development of dealers’ network, and mutually benefiting cooperation with 100% satisfaction rate became the main principles of «Maresto» in wholesale sector. The key task of the wholesale department is to represent leading foreign manufacturers in the Ukrainian market, and act as a link between our foreign suppliers and domestic dealers. Innovative approaches are used in order to achieve our goals and objectives. One of the approaches is a proactive sales system. This system allows us to make accurate forecasts of future sales based on extensive analysis of previous periods and detailed market researches. Well-established feedback system allows monitoring the market and responding to its needs. «Maresto» has also adopted a product management system, which allows to control and optimize the turnover of goods through adequate planning of sales and precisely timed restock.


The department of foreign economic activity and logistics provides prompt and cost-effective import of the equipment. Certification of supplied equipment is an additional guarantee of quality for potential customers, therefore 100% of imported equipment is certified.


Regular conferences and demonstrations for dealers provide practical and economical effect. Such activities help to promote brands that are exclusively distributed by “Maresto” and increase their market share.


Nowadays dealers generate 53% of the total company’s turnover.

«In stock»program

Substantial levels of stock in our warehouses is one of the main advantages of «Maresto» in cooperation with end consumers and dealers. Availability of a wide range of equipment allows us, and our dealers, to promptly react to customers' needs. Even though high levels of stock result in substantial additional costs, it is an expense that a leader of the market has to bear.

Warehouses of «Maresto» are situated in three regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Donetsk and Simferopol. Those locations were chosen in order to facilitate logistics all over the country, which results in shorter delivery time, as well as decreased transportation costs for our dealers. Total warehouse area of 3000 sq.m. is equipped with the modern tools and specifically designed software, and displays rational use of space and minimal storage costs.